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06 October, 2011

Brand new mood maker from Northern Lighting: Evergreen

01 September, 2011

How did the lamps come about?

The Evergreen lamp series is an initiated project by a collaboration of our two design studios, studio Jens Praet and studio Vibeke Skar. The prototypes were produced in Norway on own initiative and presented in Milano during Fuorisalone 2010 in Ventura Lambrate. We presented the lamps and prototypes to Northern Lighting right after the show in Milano, the follow up was very quick since the company’s internal board approved the designs immediately.

How did the initial idea behind Evergreen emerge?

We were actually talking about an ice installation we wanted to create in Norway winter 2010 - this installation would have consisted in a bench made of ice illuminated by an industrially shaped lamp. The lamp would have been a reflection on the industrial revolution’s major after-effect, the global warming, provoking glacier ice-melting and therefore also the melting of the bench. However, we decided not to continue with the ice-installation because of timing and organization, but were convinced that both the industrially lamp and the bench could have become real products instead of just an installation... From that moment on we started developing two different concepts, the Evergreen lamps and the Arctic collection ( which we presented for the first time in Milano during Salone del Mobile 2010.

Why a pulley fastener and a rolling wheel?

We were looking at photographs from around the industrial revolution era, and we discovered that the pulley was part in almost every photograph we found. Then
we idealized it would have been a very iconic, yet playful feature to include on the lamp, giving its user more freedom in terms of height. The fastener became an obvious choice to fasten the wire of course.

The very first prototype - how and where did you make it?

The first prototype was made at Hadeland Glassverk in Norway. Vibeke had already worked with this company, so they became our first choice for the prototype. We were both at the factory during the days the glass shades were blown - we both had the small and the big version blown in 3 different colours (white, grey and black ) - we then did the outer sandblasting at the factory.

What has been the most challenging in this project?

A very challenging part of the lamp has been to get the mouth blown glass to hang straight. Through a lot of testing, failing, technical support from Frost Produkt and Tron Andersen at AHO we found a good solution functioning well and became a nice detail on the glass shade. The Evergreen prototype has been carefully designed in all its details, from the glass shade, to the fastening and pulley system now in place.

What would you say is the most special thing about Evergreen?

We believe it reflects a lamp in its most iconic shape which gets enforced by the pulley and fastening system - we both designed this lamp to fit easily in almost every surrounding.

What projects are you currently working on, and do you plan to work together on new development projects also in the future?

At the studio Jens Praet we are currently working for the Cassina Lighting Division Nemo, Poltronova, Iznik and for Industry Gallery Los Angeles on a second US solo show to name a few. We are also designing the interiors of a villa in Tuscany these days.

Studio Vibeke Skar is currently working for Porsgrund, designing tableware in porcelain, 4th collection of shoes for fashion designer Fam Irvoll, and a glass light lamp in cooperation with Ida Noemi and Hadeland Glassverk for 100% Norway in London.

Multiplex at The Dock for London Design Festival 2011

01 August, 2011

Portobello Dock
344 Ladbroke Grove, London, W10 5BU
19th – 25th September 2011
Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm
Thursday - Late night shopping – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm

Set on an industrial waterside estate, The Dock, hosted by Tom Dixon and sponsored by Derwent London, is rapidly turning into an epicentre for design and innovation. During the September festival expect indoor, outdoor and water-based installations, exhibitions and workshops from exhibitors such as Aston Martin, Moooi, Innocent Drinks and UP Projects’ Floating Cinema as well as the launch of Kitchenette, The Dock Kitchen’s lunch-time extension.


Tom Dixon launches new lighting designs including Bulb, an energy efficient oversized light bulb with a quick start T5 dimmable bulb. The Mini Void is a development of the Void series and references the Olympic Games medals. The new Etch Light is digitally etched in brass and fitted with tiny energy efficient LED lights.

The Tom Dixon Shop showcases the full Tom Dixon range of lighting and furniture. Tom has also handpicked an international mix of concession brands including Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek and Sort Of Coal. New additions include knit-wear designer Hikaru Noguchi and Present and Correct, who sell their globally sourced stationary in the shop throughout the week.

Situated below decks, Kitchenette is launched by Dock Kitchen serving a selection of salads, sandwiches and coffees.

Print Club London set up their unique gallery and studios, creating and selling signed limited edition silk screen prints and showcasing new prints from the biggest names in UK illustration and graphic design. Resident printers James Joyce, Anthony Burrill and east London graffiti artist Pure Evil are on hand all week signing prints and discussing works.

Ariane Prin runs a production line of her project From Here For Here. Using sawdust from Tom Dixon’s workshop and purpose built wood moulds, the RCA graduate creates fully functioning drawing pencils available for visitors to buy.

Fine Cell Work, the charity that teaches British prisoners the craft of needlework to make witty cushions, throws and bags, host a workshop in the Tom Dixon Shop at 4pm on Thursday. Visitors are taught by an ex-inmate how to make their own Love inspired pin cushions using vintage fabrics.


On the terrace Dock Kitchen Market sells fresh produce from a collection of carefully sourced suppliers while Stevie Parle serves up lunch, dinner and tea at the renowned Dock Kitchen.

British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin create a dramatic trail of their latest model range, including the marque’s luxury city car, the Cygnet, at the entrance to
The Dock. Visitors can see designs up close, talk to experts and take a seat behind the wheel.

Fold a boat is a flat-pack folding boat made from a single sheet of plastic large enough to carry two adults. A number of the boats, designed by RCA graduates Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies, are moored in the canal basin for visitors to trial on the water.


In their new HQ, Fruit Towers, Innocent Drinks host Fruit for Thought, a retrospective of their in-house design and history of the innocent branding. They also sell copies of the new Innocent recipe book, Hungry?


Timothy Hatton Architects unveil a free-standing pavilion built in collaboration with Concrete Canvas – an award-winning textile material which hardens once saturated with water. Inside, the architects exhibit their ideas for using this material in disaster relief zones.

The Floating Cinema is an extraordinary customized narrow boat moored on the Grand Union Canal hosting a vibrant programme of daily on-board screenings. Created by Hackney-based architecture practice Studio Weave and artist duo Somewhere for Portavilion 2011 by UP Projects.

Dutch design company Moooi host a debut exhibition of Marcel Wanders’ most recent art project, Moooi Mermaids. Moooi theme their gallery as a mythical underwater world to showcase this latest collection.

Upstairs in the White Gallery Designers in Residence, a collective of Northumbria University alumni, showcase their project, Tools For Daily Life.

For more information, hi-res images and interview requests please contact Rebecca Price E: or T: +44 (0)20 183 9723. All material is available to download from our website

Northern Lighting Newsletter

20 June, 2011

Scheisse - свежая и игривая лампа для жаркого лета.

Все мы мечтаем о прохладе, счастье и отдыхе в жаркие летние дни. Позвольте новым лампам Northern Lighting помочь вам добиться нужного настроения!

Итак, наша первая подсказка: Наша классика, лампа Scheisse ("Чёрт Побери!"), дизайн Hans Bleken Rud, 2008 г. Это смесь искусства и индустриального дизайна, позитивного и не очень образов , эксперимент со светом и тенью. Где бы ни использовалась лампа Scheisse, она становится настоящей находкой для любителей света, создавая такую свежую атмосферу, что вы просто забудете про свой кондиционер.

Groggy возвращается в черном!

У вас похмелье или вы просто устали? С летней лампой Groggy вы совершенно точно не будете чувствовать себя одиноким дома после любой вечеринки. Это клёвый, крошечный, и функциональный торшер. Вы можете вертеть его так, как вам вздумается: и стойка, и абажур поворотные. Датский дизайнер Tom Stepp своим творением воздает должное всему тому, что не совсем правильно и нормально в этом мире, всем "хмельным элементам" нашего общества.

Добавьте новый штрих к вашему воскресному утру!

Sunday - замечательная комбинация светильника и столика, послужит вам хорошей подставкой для ключей, для чашечки утреннего кофе. Поднимет ваше настроение воскресным утром и даже любым летним утром везде: в спальне, в коридоре, в летнем домике.
Проснулись, чтобы остаться в постели?
Никакой спешки.
Никакого стресса.
Зажгите свечку или включите лампу.
Пофлиртуйте или поболтайте в чате со своим партнером.
Почитайте книгу.
Или просто расслабьтесь.

О-о-о-х... эти летние Воскресенья...

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