Marcel Wanders for KLM

06 May, 2011

From March 2011 KLM World Business Class customers will be eating from designer tableware, courtesy of Marcel Wanders.

Leading Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has created porcelain, glassware, cutlery, linen and a tray for KLM's World Business Class.

Dutch airline company KLM is embracing its heritage by choosing characteristically Dutch creative Marcel Wanders for the redesign of their business class tableware. Comprising a tray, glassware, cutlery and plates, the set was designed with both cabin crew and the environment in mind, as the weight of the set has been kept to a minimum.

"One of my long-standing wishes has been fulfilled," says Wanders about the introduction of the new service. "As a frequent flyer with KLM it was easy to get a feel for the project. I'm confident that this new tableware collection matches the quality standard expected from a business class flight."

Photos copyright Marcel Wanders

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Пассажирам бизнес-класса будут подавать блюда в посуде от Марселя Вандерса

Ведущий голландский дизайнер Марсель Вандерс представил специальный проект:  набор  из фарфоровой посуды, стеклянных бокалов, столовых приборов, полотняных салфеток и подноса.

Набор предназначен для пассажиров бизнес-класса на международных рейсах Королевских голландских авиалиний KLM. Создавая сервиз, Марсель Вандерс учел самые важные моменты: посуда в типичном голландском стиле отражает дух самой авиакомпании, соответствует стандартам лучших ресторанов в мировом бизнес-классе, а размер и вес сведены к минимуму, чего требуют условия полета.

Tom Dixon at ICFF

05 May, 2011

Fresh from Milan Design Week, we are showing our latest collection at ICFF including new products Etch, Bulb, Roll, Cast and Beat Light White.

A limited number of our latest book, Extremism, is being given away at ICFF (Booth 1104. Hall C) for one hour only Book give away 1pm Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th

Extremism is a new book published by Tom Dixon in collaboration with global paper manufacturer UPM. In a battle against compromise and the bland, the book explores the positive impact Extremist thinking can have on design. Divided into 7 image-led chapters, the book covers a range of interpretations from Extreme Weight and Extreme Technology to Extreme Simplicity and Extreme Craft.


Сразу же после миланской выставки Фабрика Tom Dixon покажет свои новинки в Нью-Йорке, на международной выставке мебельной индустрии ICFF (с 14 по 17 мая). На ней будут представлены Etch, Bulb, Roll, Cast и Beat Light White.

А также будет организована раздача ограниченного количества новой книги "Экстремизм" 14 и 15 мая. Раздача будет проходить всего один час, начиная с 13.00, на стенде 1104, зал С.

Книга "Экстремизм" - это семь интерпретаций темы "Экстремизм" глазами дизайнеров - от Экстремального Веса и Экстремальной Технологии до Экстремальной Силы, Экстремального Цвета и Экстремальной Простоты. Каждая глава книги напечатана на специальной бумаге и специальными чернилами, соответствующим заданной теме.

FOO - Flight of Objects exhibition at Ventura Lambrate Salone del Mobile Milan 2011 (Press release)

02 May, 2011

We were very happy to host over 60,000 visitors to our exhibition during Milan Design Week.
On show were our Flylight, Shylight, Fragile Future 3.10 and the Fragile Future 3.4.
Flylight was awarded 'the top 20 best designs' by Yatzer &

Thank you for visiting us, and for those who could not make it we would like to share some images and feedback of visitors.

"Final day, and a treat - a whole morning at Ventura Lambrate, a new area set up last year in one of Milan's many ex-industrial districts. With a vetting process in place, the quality here is high. Amongst the exhibitors are Laikingland, the RCA, Sebastian Brajkovic and Studio Drift. By now sleep deprived and near overdosed on design, I could only gaze in wonder at the latter's Fragile Future (2010) and Flylight (2009). This is one of the reasons why Milan is great - you get to see, touch and even talk to the designers about all those objects normally only seen in magazines."
Posted by Cat Rossi -

"Fly Light," a light installation by Design Drift of Amsterdam is something I've never seen before. It was designed with the lives and movement of birds in mind.

"Fly Light is a collection of 160 light infused glass tubes hung at various heights in a swirled configuration. The arrangement is scenic enough when dark, but when someone approaches, the individual bulbs flicker and dash in a pattern that resembles the waxing and waning of birds in flight."

When I find something considered art, what draws me in is the visual alone. What keeps me is the idea behind it. I think that "Fly Light" is extremely intriguing visually. It reminds me of a trip to a museum called Mass Moca in Massachusetts, where I saw an installation using clear discs of different sizes hung in patterns throughout an entire room. As a photographer all I wanted to do was photograph it, and I did. I would love to photograph "Fly Light." Rebecca

"Agenda design: le meilleur d'i Saloni" - Le Parisienne

"Fragile future is a continuation of a project spawned in 2005 and has since evolved into a more industrial project without loosing its poetic and delicate appeal. Shown during Milan furniture fair this week it is up there as one of my favourite things I have seen." - Philipa Wagner

To see the Flylight moving you may find the video here:

Please contact us if you require any high resolution images or the high quality video of Flylight on:

About Studio DRIFT

In 2006 Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn founded Studio DRIFT with the vision of creating design that reacts to & questions human behaviour.

"We are curious about the future, not only the new technologies that are changing design, but also the evolutionary developments in nature and human culture. We strive to find the perfect combination of knowledge and intuition, science fiction and nature, fantasy and interactivity. Our goal is to create a dialogue between the viewer and the objects we create, embodied in tangible objects that refer to realities that are often impenetrable and difficult to understand." - Ralph Nauta& Lonneke Gordijn

Studio DRIFT
Jan Evertsenstraat 337
1061 XT Amsterdam
+31 (0)20-8406993

Мы очень рады тому, что за Неделю Дизайна в Милане нашу выставку посетило свыше 60,000 гостей.
Нами были представлены Flylight, Shylight, Fragile Future 3.10 и Fragile Future 3.4
Flylight вошел в 20-ку лучших дизайнов по версии Yatzer &

Спасибо, что вы пришли к нам, а с теми, кто не смог этого сделать, хотим поделиться некоторыми фотографиями и отзывами наших гостей.

Если вам нужны фотографии или видео Flylight в высоком разрешении, пишите на адрес: